The successful treatment of periodontal diseases, placement of dental implants, and intra-oral plastic and esthetic surgery are our passions, and we will unabashedly tell you that we expect the care you receive here to be as good or better than any available in North America. It's those passions that define the treatment and care we offer from your first visit to the conclusion of your treatment, even if that means periodic maintenance over a treatment course lasting many years.

Dr. Nancy Newhouse is a dentist (DDS) and holds both a Certificate and a Masters Degree in Periodontics. Additionally, Dr. Newhouse has been Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontics and an Assistant Professor at the University of Missouri at Kansas City, School of Dentistry, Department of Periodontics for over 20 years.

In this office we offer state-of-the-art treatments and procedures, though we don't engage in, or offer unproven, undocumented therapies simply because they're new or because they involve expensive equipment modalities that while "sexy," have limited proof of their efficacy. We expect to be able to treat your periodontal diseases or oral implant or esthetic periodontal needs effectively, at reasonable costs and with measurably predictable results. We don't want you to be satisfied with the care you receive in our office. We expect you to be thrilled!

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